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Day 2

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The unusual suspects

Last night we showered communally in the sports hall at Topen – there was no room for British blushes – and then my group took a leisurely breakfast. We wouldn’t run until lunchtime so there was no rush.

My team was mostly made up of the guys from the running club in Burg bei Magdeburg, so I was an honorary ‘Ossi’ for a week. Inevitably a number of them had done national service in the GDR army and still remembered some Russian. Frank Stucke now works at a museum at Marienborn, which was one of the main crossing points between the old FDR and GDR.

Several of the group were aged 65+, but they were to prove to be hardy runners who got the distance done and never grumbled. I can only hope I am as fit as them if/when I get to their age. We also had the youngest runner Timo Grothe (30) who was born in the FDR but moved to Dresden.